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So back in 2007 we embarked on our first long haul trip together and despite being seated next to a man with his deceased wife (in an urn!), it was an enjoyable 13 hour flight.


David with the motorhome door open in 2007

David at the back of the motorhome on our trip in 2007

After a speedy run around Hong Kong – so hot – we finally reached Auckland. We were told off straight away by Kiwi customs for having a speck of dust on our walking boots, but they cleaned them and wished us on our way… to adventure, romance, and engagement!


Hopefully this time we’ll be a little wiser.

We’ll be flying into Christchurch this time – from Sydney – so should feel more refreshed. Exploring Christchurch for 3 days to see how it

has changed in the last 11 years, while sampling the local wine and coffee.

Then we get our ‘hot wheels’ – the camper van of adventure, so set off, with songs blaring out, towards Akaroa where we got engaged – as it is 10 years since we married back in April 2008 we plan to renew our vows on the harbour. Then off towards Queenstown – pausing at Timaru on the way. After several days of driving on car-free, epic scenery roads we will explore the adventure playground of Queenstown.

Looking over Akoroa as you drive down – taken in 2007

From Queenstown we are hoping to show the girls what a ‘real’ cinema is like by visiting Cinema Paradiso – the only cinema we know that serves freshly baked cookies halfway through the film!!

Travelling North again we will head through Fox Glacier, Hokitika and arrive in Hanmer Springs where everyone is looking for a little relaxation at the spa – we are hoping it will be a little warmer up there this time as back in 2007 it went down to -10 overnight and we had to scrape the inside of the windscreen…brrrr

The inter-island ferry

A ferry ride over to the North Island – not something that Sarah is looking forward to – she has wobbly sea legs, before heading onwards and upwards to stay with friends outside Wellington for a few nights of talking about home.

Hopefully getting warmer as we head further North, and downhill, through wine country as we drift along past Napier and Taupo – I’m sure our girls will be fine driving this part! My mission is to get to the beautiful Bay Of Islands that we didn’t manage last time – so as far North on the North Island as possible. Before heading back down to Auckland for a big farewell to the other side of the world.

As we leave Auckland we will be on the last leg of our trip and on our way home after our fantastic adventure.

3 nights in Sydney followed by 2 in Singapore and then back to reality as we return home.