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When planning the trip we were looking into the best options for family games and general entertainment that wasn’t electronic but was also easy to carry around with us. Our top tips from other travelling families included the following:

  • Pens and Paper
  • Colouring Books
  • Playing Cards
  • Dice
  • Story Cubes

Thankfully Santa stepped in and the girls found both dice and story cubes in their stockings for Christmas 2017, which meant we just had to ensure we had everything else!


For Sophie bee’s birthday she was brought Dobble – now if you haven’t heard of this game you need to look it up as it is fantastic for the whole family and has 5 versions of the came you can play with the set of cards. This game provides lots of entertainment and often tears as the younger members of our family regularly cheat!

Playing Cards and Dice

Playing cards and dice are totally versatile and can provide hours of fun, and with a pen and paper you are pretty much good to go with a range of games. Sarah bee put together two print outs of games before we came away and you can download them here, these are rough notes but hopefully you can use them to get ideas for your own games.

Who Am I, Scategory Topics and Card Games – download here

Dice Games – download here

Google ‘car games for kids’, ‘card games’ and ‘dice games’ will give you lots of options as well.


These are one of the best things ever invented – so versatile! They can be used for bedtime stories, creative writing exercises and as inspiration for drawing. We have the original pack and a 3 dice animal pack giving us 12 dice in total.

Prior to coming away, we have used these at home when we go out for meals, on the beach and camping. It is so much fun getting everyone to make up their own stories and we even have a game with them where we have to follow on from each other’s stories using 3 or 4 dice each from the selection rolled.

If you want to know more, check out the StoryCube website –

We hope this gives you lots of ideas for simple family games when you are travelling and keep following the blog as we will be sharing some of our best Story Cube stories over the next few months as well.