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For Sophie Bee’s birthday she got tickets to go and see Matilda the musical in London, this meant it was time for another adventure. We drove down to Watford on a Monday afternoon so that we could get a shorter train journey into London. Once Molly anSophie bee sat on the letters that spell out Watfordthere we had a lovely dinner at the Harvester before getting a good night rest so that we would be up and ready for London the next day. We were staying at a Premier Inn and in the morning we enjoyed an all-you-can-eat buffet as breakfast which was delicious. Once breakfast had been completely demolished we caught an early train down to London to ensure that we got the whole day to explore.

We dropped off our bags at yet another Premier Inn before heading off to Leicester Square. In Leicester Square we found statues from lots of different movies that we posed with. Molly and Sophie bee riding a statue of a dogMummy and Daddy bee sat with a statue of Paddington Once we had found all of the statues (a couple were nearly impossible to find) we took a trip to the M&M store where Sophie bee and I (Molly bee) filled our bags with lots of M&Ms for the musical we were to watch later on.

Once our bags were sufficiently full of M&Ms we took a stroll down China town, looking at all the beautiful lanterns and decorations that had been left up from Chinese New Year.

Afterwards we headed up to Covent Garden to grab some lunch and take a wander through all the different shops and stalls. Sophie bee, Daddy bee and I grabbed some pizza for lunch whilst Mummy bee got Vietnamese food. After we ate we watched a street performance which was very entertaining before moving on. We found a little market called Seven Dials Market which was in a building that used to store bananas and cucumbers. The food smelled amazing and there was a mini library room where you could sit and eat but sadly we had already eaten so we weren’t able to (all the more reason to Sophie and Molly bee posing like Matilda in front of the poster for Matilda the musicalThe stage for Matilda the Musicalgo back). We had a quick trip to Neal’s Yard before heading back to the hotel to freshen up for dinner and the musical.

We had dinner at Bill’s where we were joined by our cousin Emma. We all had delicious dinner and equally yummy pudding, then we headed off to the Matilda theatre. Sophie bee and I were very excited to see our first ever west end show. The show was amazing we loved listening to all the songs and watching the amazing acting, we enjoyed snacks as we were captivated by the show. We got back to the hotel really late and we were all exhausted, Sophie bee went straight to sleep.

The next day we packed up ready to go home, no one wanted to go but it was ok because we could still enjoy the one last day. We went on aA picture of Bureau Market with the Shard looking over it walk down the River Thames and the weather was beautiful, itAll of the bees stood in front of the River Thames was perfect. We walked all the way to Borough Market excited to explore and try to find some lunch. There were so many wonderful foods even cake for Mummy bee! We looked around all of the main part of the market and by then it was lunch time. We went into the hot food area where there was so much to choose from we all got amazing food then headed back out to find a sweet treat for pudding. Sophie bee and I got fudge and myself and Mummy bee also got amazing cacao hot chocolate. Once we were all filled up we headed back to the underground to get our bags and head home. We took the train back to Watford where the car was waiting to take us back home and as we drove back we laughed and chatted and sang.