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With our trip taking through so many different countries that all have their own health risks we wanted to make sure that we were prepared for whatever was thrown at us.

As a family, we always look for natural alternatives to mainstream medications and Sarah is lucky to have some great contacts who recommended some products we could use.

Completely unplanned was the penicillin we had to bring with us as Sophie bee was diagnosed with tonsilitis the day before we left, but in addition to this here is a summary of what we took with us…

Conventional Products

Calpol Sachets – we weren’t originally taking these but a good friend picked some up for us last minutes when we realised Sophie was ill!

Calpol fast melts – a liquid free option which we thought would be useful for flying

Children’s Ibuprofen Sachets

Soluble Paracetomal – Sarah Bee can’t take the tablets so we wanted to ensure we had some of this with us



Micropore Tape

Steri Strips

Diarrhoea relief

Rehydration Sachets

Antiseptic Wipes




Saline Eye Drops

Cetraban – as Molly bee suffers from eczema

Natural Products

Pro-Biotics – to keep our tummies healthy

Tea Tree Essential Oil – great general oil that boosts the immune system, acts as an insecticide, natural antibiotic and we usually use it for soothing bites.

Lavender Essential Oil – we use this for helping with sleep but it can also be used as an antiseptic

Citronella Essential Oil – we use this for keeping bugs at bay!

Nature’s Sunshine Silver Shield Gel – a natural germ barrier and cleanser that we are using to treat insect bites and cuts.

Forever Living Aloe Vera Gelly – to help soothe sore skin from too much sun or bites.

Arbonne Phytosport – recommended for jet lag by an Arbonne consultant.

Natures Sunshine Solstic Energy – a natural energy drink that also contains B vitamins and we plan to use to help with jet lag.

Rescue Remedy – great for any anxiety any of us may have ahead of flights, trains or anything else!

As well as these we also packed suncream as it is quite expensive in Thailand and some 30% Deet just in case we needed it for the girls.

And that was it – we’ll update this blog post trip and let you know what we used and what we didn’t! Hopefully, we will use a lot less than we took and have packed to be over cautious!