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In the Banks style, our October trip to Wales had planted a new seed in Sarah’s head – the idea of buying a holiday let opportunity. After a quick look on Right Move Sarah fell in love with a property!

Daddy, Molly and Sophie exploring the hillside in Aberdaron

This combined with health issues for extended family resulted in lots of chats over gin and wine while we considered the best options for our family and long term.

Essentially, we wanted to still experience the exotic countries without running through them. The romantic image of being in Nepal over Christmas and Molly B’s birthday was weighed against being up a snowy mountain, without electricity and hot water in Winter!

We decided to reduce our trip to 4 months, so that the girls only had half a term off school and to cut out India and Nepal this time.

Following positive discussions with school we condensed this adventure to 12 weeks to ensure that the girls could retain their places at the school we love.

Here is the final itinerary:

  • Bangkok – 3 nights
  • Overnight Train to Chiang Mai
  • Chiang Mai – 3 nights including 1 night at Elephant Nature Park
  • Koh Samui – 10 nights
  • Penang – 4 nights
  • Kuala Lumper – 5 nights
  • Tasmania – 16 nights
  • New Zealand – 33 nights
  • Sydney – 3 nights
  • Singapore – 2 nights

We are really excited by what we can realistically do and still achieve our dream adventure. As a consequent our budget has now dropped to £20,000 so no need to remortgage!