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Hello this is Molly Bee and Sophie Bee and we are going to tell you about how excited we are about travelling and what we are looking forward to most.

Molly bee smilingThis is Molly Bee and I am so excited to finally go travelling. Mummy Bee and Daddy Bee have been talking about going for ages and finally we are going. I am so excited about all the countries we are going to visit. I am really excited about going to Thailand because that is where the Elephant’s are and in Bangkok we are going to the Unicorn Cafe.

I’m also excited about the water park at Hanmer Springs in New Zealand – it looks so fun and I can’t wait to experience all the different countries we will be visiting.

That’s all from me bye!

Sophie Bee all dressed up holding a bearded dragon at a party


This is Sophie Bee and I’ve drawn a picture about how excited I am about travelling because I’m only little. But I will tell you my favourite country will be Thailand because we are going to the Elephant Nature Park.






Here is my picture, it shows me in the river helping to bath the elephants.

Sophie Bees drawing of herself with the elephants in Thailand

I am also looking forward to the Unicorn cafe, the different swimming pools at the places we are staying and I really want to see glow worms at night in New Zealand.

We know we will miss our friends but we will keep in touch with them while we are away.