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Whilst we were in Bangkok we paid a visit to The Unicorn Cafe – obviously this was all for Daddy Bee, however, the girls also enjoyed it and have written their own accounts of the whole experience…

Hi, it’s Molly Bee and Sophie Bee here, when we were in Bangkok we visited the Unicorn Cafe.

Molly’s experience

The first thing I saw was a massive Unicorn outside, then we went in and we ordered two types of waffles – Unicorn and Chocolate. My favourite waffles were the Unicorn ones they were colourful in the shape of a love heart. There was also colourful ice cream with sweets inside and pink cream with a cone on top. There were strawberries and bananas with chocolate sauce to go with them.

I also had a yummy hot chocolate with pink cream, sprinkles, marshmallows and a cone. Once we had eaten we had lots of photos with Unicorns. One of them me and Sophie Bee were hidden in the Unicorns, big ones, small ones and normal sized ones. There was also a massive Unicorn on the wall behind us.

At the cafe, we got lots of flags that say ‘Unicorn Cafe’ on with our food so we collected them to make sandcastles with them on. On the way back we had a picture with the massive Unicorn outside, the one I saw first. I posed just like it with my legs back and diagonal plus my arms were bent down but up in the air. The only differences were that I don’t have a horn, white skin or a blue, yellow and pink mane and tail.

It was hard to leave the Unicorn cafe but I knew one day I’d go again.

Bye for now.

Sophie’s experience

We went to get our picture with the very big white Unicorn outside the small Unicorn Cafe, then went around the corner to the larger Unicorn cafe.

Inside the cool cafe, we sat on a blue sparkly sofa, surrounding ourselves with cuddly Unicorns to take photos. Joining us from My Little Pony were Rarity, Twilight Sparkle, Pinky Pie and Rainbow Dash. I enjoyed the chocolate ice cream in cones but not the pink whipped cream.

Looking through the lovely Unicorn clothes, I found two cute Unicorn toys hiding in them. On our way back past the little cafe, there were some small Unicorns swinging from the ceiling. I give this cafe 20 stars out of 10! Bye for now.

A bit more from Molly

We have some Unicorn cafe photos for you to look at that go with what we’ve explained. Anyway, we just want to say many thanks for reading this and we hope that you read our next blog. Once again thank you from Molly & Sophie Bee.

Our photos